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Hari ini kami akan tunjukkan senarai chef yang hebat-hebat daripada Amerika yang mendapat bayaran paling mahal disana. Dalam senarai ini menunjukkan bahawa wanita menduduki tempat pertama namun jangan sesekali memandang ringan kuasa lelaki kerana 8 dari sepuluh kelompok elit ini dikuasai oleh golongan lelaki. Wanita pula menampilkan dua wakil mereka. Bidang seni kulinari ini bukan calang-calang bidang dan ingin ditekankan bahawa mereka yang menceburkan diri dalam bidang ini merupakan golongan yang elit bersama lidah, tangan, skil, gaya dan ilmu pengetahuan yang boleh dilebur menjadi emas. Tanpa membuang masa saya pamerkan semua "Top 10 Chef yang Mendapat bayaran Termahal Di Amerika":
1. Rachael Ray ($18 million)

Rachael Ray, who is a celebrity cook, television personality and best selling author, pockets about $18 million per year ($1.5 million per month).
She has his very own talk program, Rachael Ray, and is the host a number of popular food series – 30 Minutes Meal, $40 a Day, Inside Dish and Rachael Ray’s Tasty Travels.
2. Wolfgang Puck ($16 million)

Wolfgang was born in Austria, whose mother was left abandoned while he was yet to be born. His family migrated to France, before Puck eventually decided to move to the America at the age of 24. Making use of the skills learnt from his mother, he launched his first book, Modern French Cooking for the American Kitchen which quickly became popular.
The success drove Puck to take a greater challenge – opening his own restaurant in Los Angeles. It was a move that changed his life forever.
3. Gordon Ramsay ($7.5 million)

Laser-mouthed Gordon Ramsay first made name in his native country, United Kingdom, especially after starring in two hit cooking series, Hell’s Kitchen and The F-Word. Interestingly enough, Ramsay embarked on a career as a footballer with aim to become a professional player before a series of injury forced an early retirement.
But that proved to be a blessing in disguise, as his next venture, culinary and cooking, started to generate interest and passion. He opened his first restaurant in Chelsea, London which was awarded the prestigious Michelin star.
4. Nobuyuki Matsuhisa ($5 million)

Nobuyuki Matsuhisa is famous for his fusion cuisine that blends the oriental elements with American-based ingredients. Matsuhisa runs and operate the famous Nobu New York restaurant, which receives regular visits from popular celebrities. The restaurant, who is owned by himself, together with a partner, Robert De Niro has now expanded with branches in London, Melbourne, Hong Kong and Tokyo.
5. Alain Ducasse ($5 million)

Alain Ducasse is arguably the most famous French chef. Ducasse runs more than 20 restaurants across many expensive cities including Monaco, Las Vegas, London, Paris and New York. One of his restaurants in New York was recently closed but it spurred the opening of more outlets. He is also the first chef to have received three Michelin stars in three different cities – Monte Carlo, Paris and New York.
6. Paula Deen ($4.5 million)

Paula Deen is a cook, restaurant owner and TV presenter who has won an Emmy Award for her TV show. She owns only one, but very successful restaurant, The Lady & Sons, which is managed together with her sons. In her youth, Deen was struggling to combat agoraphobia – a disorder generated by her fear for strange and unfamiliar places. Eventually, she not only conquer her fear, but also triumphed in her life with a sterling career.
7. Mario Batali ($3 million)

Mario Batali is one of the very few professional chefs who does not have formal education in cooking. He majored in theatre and economics in college, which he flunked in. Having no related experience confined him to a job as a dishwasher but he never gave up. Soon, he was promoted as a pizza man, and before he knew it, he was one of the highest paid young chefs in his company.
8. Tom Colicchio ($2 million)

The half-Italian half-American Tom Colicchio ran Gramercy Tavern restaurant, which was voted as The Most Popular Restaurant in New York, twice in 2003 and 2005. Just like Batali, Colicchio also did not have formal education in culinary and learnt things mostly from books. He is also a respected figure in cooking judging, and is a familiar face for the popular Top Chef competition show.
9. Bobby Flay ($1.5 million)

Bobby Flay is not only popular with his cooking, but his good look makes him every woman’s dream. Flay owns Mesa Grill chain of restaurants which has outlets from Las Vegas all the way to Bahamas. He has also been invited to host numerous cooking and highly rated talk shows. Flay received his education up until he was 17 years old before he was expelled and took a plunge in the foodbusiness by taking up his first job as a salad maker.
10. Anthony Bourdain ($1.5 million)

With more than 25 years of experience, Anthony Bourdain is a no stranger to food business and is famous for his travel show, No Reservations. His book, Kitchen Confidential – Adventures in the Culinary Underbelly, which was released in 2000, was an overnight sensation and was fast induced into the best selling list. The Kitchen Confidential not only talks about food but reveals many of the secrets and the dark side of the culinary world, which was based on Bourdain’s real experience.

Harap info ini dapat dikongsi bersama kita semua. Bidang seni kulinari ini mampu menjadi kerjaya yang lumayan dan bagus untuk dipelajari. Ingat bukan untuk diri sendiri tetapi untuk membantu orang diluar sana. 


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